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This Season’s Hottest Trend: Lesbianism

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Ah, that old chestnut. The theory that people simply pick and choose between sexualities as if they were the season’s hottest handbag or next season’s ‘in’ colour. This ‘trend’ seems to have been sparked by the American fashion magazine, Tatler, after they hosted a Lesbian ball last month. Celebrity lesbians, or ‘celesbians’ as they are being crudely dubbed by the press, (for instance, in this article published on London’s Evening Standard website, have been the focus of various fashion and gossip columns of late.

According to the Evening Standard, they’d love ‘an invite to Melanie Rickey and Mary Portas’s baby shower’ and would love to have a ‘cosy night in playing scrabble with Sue Perkins… and be desperately witty.’ If the gossip and fashion magazines support lesbianism so much, why aren’t they helping readers gain awareness of the on going worldwide battle for equal marriage and activate them into campaigning for it?

It seems that they’d rather just bandy about stereotypes, the most crass and obvious ones being that people simply choose their sexuality, and that only homosexual women can be ‘desperately witty’ and be truly intelligent, and not uber feminine straight women. If Tatler held a Vladimir Putin themed ball, the gossip columns would be clamouring to incarcerate Pussy Riot for life, bring death to freedom of speech and feminism and shout about how corrupt governments are sototallyinrighthnow.

This follows an outburst just over a week ago, made by the Florida Family Association (FFA), after they found messages in support of gay youth published on Office Depot post-it notes by the Born This Way Foundation (founded by Lady Gaga and her Mother, Cynthia Germanotta) to be offensive, as they supposedly help to encourage young adults into homosexuality who would have otherwise ‘chosen to be straight.’* Not only have they defined homosexuality as a mere choice, they refer to being gay as having ‘pubescent sexual identity issues.’* The identity issues that the FFA refer to are being enforced by people like themselves, because they are the very people making an issue out of it by forcing people to be conscious and uncertain of their sexuality.

The big, heavy door into the debate of whether sexuality is down to genetics or choice has been pushed wide open by the press, and the group of idiots at the FFA. I do not believe that people can wake up and simply choose between sexualities, like breakfast cereals, but I do believe that sexuality need not be of such high concern in society. It is nobody else’s business with whom you or I choose to have sex or love, and nobody owes anybody an explanation about it either.

It is quite frightening how this downright ignorance can cause youth, particularly in more religious and conservative countries, to be overly concerned with their sexualities, in a world where young people are constantly being told what to look like and act like by the mainstream media. Not only do they have to worry about what choice of clothes to wear, the choice of pop groups to faint near, and the choice of body shapes to surgically achieve, they now have to worry about the ‘choices’ of sexuality. Which is, needless to say, total bullshit. They are worrying about an issue they shouldn’t have to be worrying about. After all, this is the concept behind the centuries of gay rights activists fighting for equality. They have been fighting so that nobody has to worry about who they fall in love with, or choose to have sex with. And nobody should. But, of course, the world isn’t so liberal and understanding yet.

Perhaps society has been too strict in its definitions of sexuality. Is sexuality down to genetics, or is it down to the chemistry between two specific individuals regardless of their gender? After all, the concept of heterosexuality and homosexuality was only invented in Victorian times, a period renown for its conservative values and class judgements. Should we still be following suit with Victorian conservative definitions that seek to divide and discriminate?

Of course, even before the word ‘homosexuality’ was invented, gay people have been persecuted under the guise of ‘perversion.’ So we should keep on fighting for equality across sexualities and genders, and we should keep sexuality a big deal until we reach equality, because I certainly don’t believe that the increasingly conservative cultures of today are ready to accept my liberal theory of sexuality. I am waiting for the day when the world realises that who someone chooses to have sex with or love is not a big deal. Until then, we should fight for equality, and someone should probably tell the Evening Standard that the ‘celesbians’ sporting the latest Lesbian trend have probably always been lesbians.


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